A Plan to Succeed

Success doesn't happen by accident. It starts with a plan. When you hire me to market and sell your home, you will benefit from my all-inclusive marketing plan. From the very beginning, you will see that I plan to succeed at selling your home. Every detail is anticipated and a plan is in place to manage it. This allows you to relax and trust that your transaction is in capable hands. I combine internet exposure with print ads, direct marketing, and interest generating activities that properly expose your listing so it sells in the least amount of time for the greatest amount of money.


I know the difference good advertising can make on a listed property. I believe that I have a duty to my clients to offer the best marketing plan available, both in print and through exposure on the web. To learn more information about this and all the other ways I can market your home, please call me at (440) 391-1304. I am happy to answer any of your questions, provide you with a complete, no obligation market analysis and help you determine the best path for your home's sale in today’s market.


How I work:

  • Thorough marketing plan to get your home sold quickly at the best possible price.

  • Expert, professional guidance on preparing your home for the market.

  • Local, national and international exposure using all channels of advertising, including beautiful photography, video, on site materials, print ads, direct mail, marketing events, and networking.

  • Honest, scheduled, ongoing communication about the activity and feedback on your home.

  • Systematically keep you updated on the changing conditions in the market, including tax incentives, financing, and conditions that would affect price.

  • Ability to expertly negotiate offers to protect your best interests.

  • Continue to work through the closing to ensure all parties have the appropriate tools and resources to complete the transaction smoothly and on time.


Contact me to learn how your home can qualify for this expert marketing.

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